Our Philosophy

Animals do speak…

… Just another language!

Third Pillar : To promote an ethical way of life

Let's all start today!

On planet Earth, there are all kinds of living and sensitive beings, the human is one specie among many others.

In the twenty-first century, living humanly with one another is obvious.

Having a philosophy – from ancient Greek: “attraction of wisdom” – vegan life helps to live in harmony with nature and its animals, wisely and ethically.

We can all adopt this way of life, as we have already done in the days of the gatherer.

Let’s take the path of our ancestors in the evolution of our planetary system …

I am « Vegan » : What is it ?

The word « vegan » was born in 1944 thanks to Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society in England.

That means, on a daily basis, as much as possible, to exclude exploitation and cruelty towards animals in any way, be it for food, clothing, healing or other … to go further, veganism supports and reinforces the idea of working on the development of alternatives without using animals in order to live in a happiness shared with humans, animals on our planet Earth.

In everyday life, you can change everything, being vegan is easy!

I am here to help you discover this new life: change your way of feeding yourself by becoming a vegan, that can be learned!

Do not wear leather, fur, wool etc … Check your purchases for the manufacture and composition …

« You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car! »

Harvey Diamond

Why being « Vegan » ? For a better health!

« What is more repulsive than continually feeding on the flesh of a dead body? »


I invested myself in scientific research concerning our health:

The diet of a vegan is only vegetal, supplemented only with vitamin B12 that is essential.

According to a 6-year scientific study, vegan individuals have an additional 15% life span than omnivores.

This finding shows that this type of diet reduces many public health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, etc. It positively contributes to many risk factors: high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity. It also protects against cataracts, there is 40% less risk in vegans. This way of eating has many health benefits. It is adaptable to all ages, babies, children, pregnant women and seniors.

You have to learn how to eat properly by balancing your diet with different varieties of foods: vegetables, legumes, whole grains, whole fruits, oilseeds, seeds and supplement with vitamin B12.

In the interest of all, take the first step by acting!

I will guide you …

Live « Vegan » My ethical point of view

«The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.»

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

The life of the animals does not belong to us and we have no superiority allowing us to exploit them and to make them suffer by mistreating them …

We must reconsider our vision of the world and the living things around us!

Animals are sentient beings, which means that they have a sensitivity, a conscience and a spirit exactly like us humans.

For the well-being of All … We just need to change our habits, our traditions, our conveniences and our taste in order to have an ethical way of life by living happy.

With my advices you will transform your lifestyle, you will be able to share your experience, to transmit … you will make a gesture for our planet:

Earth !

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